Its cold, its dark, its dirty… Its been this way since I can remember. But I have heard rumors that the world was once a beautiful place, full of hope, full of dreams, and its people were free. But that is not the world today. Its people suffer greatly, they have no hope, no dreams.

Its the year 152 of the third era. The Reign of the Seven Lord of Sin.


The final hope is a campaign setting for the D20 system. Taking place in a world called Ruin. This small world is home to humans, a flexible and prodigious race; Elhil, a tall and mysterious race; Heshtails, a race of reptilian sea goers and craftsman; Felidae, a quick and agile feline race; and the nine races of shadow, twisted and mutilated beings. The world of Ruin is important, however, because it is the focus of a war for liberation. Currently the world is ruled by the Seven Lords of Sin, foul creatures who rule with an iron fist on behalf of a more mysterious being, the Dweller in the icy Wintervale. Ruin consists of seven main kingdoms under the yolk of this oppressive evil regime. Each ruled my a lord of sin.

Its up to you to eather start a resistance and bring the world out of the darkness, or spell doom apon the world.
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The Final Hope

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